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It's Back
Friday, September 01, 1995
Category: Science, Health and Saving Things

Towards the end of last month, 115 people with no arms or legs gathered in a small village in southern Sweden to talk about their common interests. All in their mid-30s, most of them seemed to like the same sort of music and sport. They came from all over the world, but they had a similar taste in clothes, food and beer.

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The Funny Man
Saturday, January 01, 1994
Category: Famous or Interesting People

We thought we knew Woody Allen - the neurotic hypochondriac Jewish New York intellectual. Then came his custody battle with Mia Farrow, and he seemed rather different. The worst is over. But can he ever play Woody again?

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Meeting Derek
Sunday, August 01, 1993
Category: Famous or Interesting People

Waiting for the lift by his fourth-floor flat, Derek Jarman says he feels like an 80-year-old man, not only old, but lonely, missing all his friends. Walking along Charing Cross Road towards Chinatown he holds a thin brown stick, too short for his needs. On this bright summer Sunday he wears black slippers, baggy blue trousers, a cardigan and a heavy wool jacket. His polo shirt is pink, his cardigan yellow - loose, lounging clothes that were hell to put on. Occasionally, Keith Collins, 27, his partner of seven years, will tuck in his shirt. As he reaches a crossing he asks Keith to hold his hand.

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Blood and Sawdust
Thursday, October 01, 1992
Category: Vegas and other Lands

You can hear the dogs from afar, yapping, shrieking, scratching at the walls, not their usual noise at all. Twelve big poodles in torment: a terrifying squeal, high and frantic, hanging in the dry Las Vegas air, hanging on the heat at two in the morning.

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Yes Fat Chicks
Sunday, May 01, 1988
Category: Vegas and other Lands

El Cerrito is a rather dull little town in Contra Costa Country, about 40 miles from San Francisco. There are small schools, a Safeway store, low-rise apartment buildings, neat front gardens, and a lot of concrete. El Cerrito also has a small police department, used to handling a bit of car crime and over-excited teenagers. The station is less than 100 yards from an apartment block at 10944 San Pablo Avenue, the scene of the most unusual incident local officers can recall.

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